A tanker believed to be the source of odors is getting ready to be off-loaded

(BELLINGHAM)- The tanker believed to be the source of foul, sulfur-like odors Friday in Skagit County and Saturday in Bellingham is now under way to the BP refinery at Cherry Point.

The Mare Siculum had been anchored near Vendovi Island. The tanker vented its tanks Friday afternoon to relieve pressure build-up, which led to about two dozen odor complaints from Bow-Samish Island area residents. A similar venting took place Saturday evening. Winds were blowing from the tanker’s location north to the Bellingham area, where emergency and fire officials received a large volume of odor complaints.

After discussions Monday and Tuesday with the Northwest Clean Air Agency, BP employees worked through the night to accommodate the Mare Siculum’s crude oil.

The tanker is expected to arrive at BP later today and begin off-loading. That process is expected to take 24 to 36 hours.