Nature’s Path to assist Blaine environmental work

(BLAINE)– Nature’s Path Foods, USA, Inc. will help the city of Blaine purchase land and restore streambank along Cain Creek, under a settlement agreement with the Washington state Department of Ecology.

The $29,000 package of environmental projects will settle the company’s appeal of a 2016 Ecology penalty for $22,000 and a companion order.

Ecology’s penalty alleged that the company violated its state water quality permit, which sets limits on pollutants in wastewater discharged to the city’s sanitary sewer. The company is complying with the order by installing improvements to its pre-treatment system for wastewater discharges.

“We’re pleased to see this excellent progress at the Nature’s Path facility and these valuable enhancements for the city,” said Tom Buroker, who directs Ecology’s Northwest Regional Office. “We value this partnership, because the assistance to the city goes above what our penalty assessed and, more importantly, beyond what’s required to comply with the permit.”

The settlement incorporates an agreement between Nature’s Path and Blaine under which the company will help the city develop Cain Creek Park between Blaine Avenue and I-5. Improvements include:
· $20,000 to help cover the city’s costs to purchase two undeveloped lots along the creek.
· $3,000 of funding, plus crews for at least two spring work parties, to restore the lots and other areas along the creek.
· Approximately $800 for a pet waste station and three years’ supply of plastic bags.
· A $5,000 contribution to the city’s planned stormwater treatment project at the creek’s outfall into Drayton Harbor.
· Informational signage at the park’s Mitchell Avenue entrance about the restoration project and the importance of protecting streamside habitat.