Work will continue on SR 525 on Whidbey Island

(COUPEVILLE)– Paving work on Whidbey Island will hit State Route 20 through Coupeville for the first time this season starting the night of Monday, July 10.

This summer’s work in Coupeville, picks up where safety improvement work ended last year. A six-mile stretch, between Jacobs Road just east of town to Holbrook Road just north of Penn Cove, will be preserved by the time the project wraps up this fall.

Washington State Department of Transportation contractor crews with Granite Construction started paving work on SR 525 in May and will now move a crew to SR 20 to repair, grind and pave this stretch. Work on SR 525 will also continue next week as crews work on this project to preserve nearly 30 miles of highway between Clinton and Coupeville.