Skagit County Public Works identifies increased landslide risks along South Skagit Highway and Concrete Sauk Valley Road

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- Skagit County Public Works has identified several locations along South Skagit Highway and Concrete Sauk Valley Road with increased risk of landslide, especially over the next few days, according to a news release from the county. Skagit County Public Works urges residents and visitors to avoid traveling through this area and allow the saturated soil to settle. The National Weather Service previously issued a special weather statement on increased landslide risk in Western Washington, which you can read in full here. Skagit County residents and visitors who do not live in the South Skagit Highway and Concrete     (read more)

Deadline for Flood Damage Assessment submission extended to December 17, 2021

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- The Skagit Department of Emergency Management has extended the deadline for submission of damage assessment forms to Friday, December 17, 2021 in light of the recent secondary flood event, according to a news release from the county. Residents are advised to submit separate forms for damages sustained under the November 14-16 flood event and the November 28 & 29 flood event.     (read more)

Latest flood level information

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- The most recent projections show the Skagit river cresting in Concrete at 29.18 feet (minor flood stage) around 10 p.m. on today (Sunday, November 28), according to a news release from Skagit County. The river will then crest in Mount Vernon at 30.19 feet (moderate flood stage) in Mount Vernon around 10 a.m. on Monday, November 29. The Northwest River Forecast Center predicts the Samish river will crest around 11.50 feet today, Sunday, November 28. It is understood that forecasts for the Samish river are generally less reliable than those for the Skagit. Given soil saturation levels, there continues to be an increased     (read more)

Latest Skagit County COVID-19 numbers

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- According to Skagit County Public Health, the latest numbers show 12,642 positive COVID-19 cases (29 new cases) in the county, with 724 hospitalizations, and 127 deaths.     (read more)

Local COVID-19 cases are decreasing

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- Skagit County has a total of 12,642 cases; an increase of 285 new cases since last Wednesday. This is just over 100 cases less than last week’s update, according to a news release from Skagit County. Hospitalizations are at 724 total (increased by 23 since Wednesday), and 127 deaths (increased by 1). Skagit’s case and hospitalization rates are also decreasing, though they are still much higher than officials would like. Currently, the county is at a case rate of 653.1 per 100k over the last 14 days and a hospitalization rate of 16.9 per 100k over the last seven days. A total of 198,456 doses COVID-19     (read more)

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