Local Records Grant Program extended indefinitely

(OLYMPIA)— A highly successful grant program that assists counties and cities with managing their records will live on now that the Governor signed HB 1667 into law Tuesday. The measure removes the expiration date from the Local Records Grant Program, which is managed by the Washington State Archives. “In many of Washington’s small towns and cities, valuable historic public documents are literally kept in closets or stored in someone’s basement,” said Secretary of State Kim Wyman, whose office oversees the State Archives. “By continuing this grant program, the state is demonstrating its interest in the organization and preservation of     (read more)

State denies Ashford University’s application to recruit, advertise in Washington

(OLYMPIA)- The Washington Student Achievement Council (WSAC) has denied Ashford University’s application to continue advertising and recruiting in state. The school’s courses and degree programs are entirely online. WSAC made this decision after reviewing Ashford’s most recent application for re-authorization. Currently, there are approximately 1,070 Washingtonians enrolled in Ashford. This denial does not affect currently enrolled Washington students. These students can still finish their degrees at Ashford, which can continue to enroll Washington students. WSAC’s decision also does not affect Ashford’s accreditation status or the school’s participation in federal student loan programs. The school     (read more)

Illabot Creek restoration earns state APWA project of the year awardQQ

(SKAGIT COUNTY)- Looking at Illabot Creek today, you’d never know the creek channel was once in a totally different location: Straightened out, armored with levees and flowing beneath a single bridge on Rockport-Cascade Road. Now, the creek flows as nature intended – connected to its historic floodplain and complete with side channels, improved riparian growth, and a variety of logjams to slow water flow and provide salmon a place to spawn and grow for generations to come. Two new bridges along Rockport-Cascade Road span the new channels. Skagit County and the Skagit River Systems Cooperative were recognized by the     (read more)

Cooke Aquaculture will pay full $332,000 penalty for fish pen collapse in Puget Sound

(OLYMPIA)– Cooke Aquaculture will pay the full $332,000 penalty to the Washington Department of Ecology for the collapse of its floating pen near Cypress Island that released 250,000 non-native fish into Puget Sound. Initially, Cooke Aquaculture appealed the penalty to the Pollution Control Hearings Board, but in a legal settlement with Ecology, agreed to pay the full penalty. The collapse in August 2017 led to a multi-agency investigation, and ultimately to the state Legislature passing a bill to phase out non-native fish farming. As a result of the investigation, Ecology fined Cooke for water quality permit violations that include: poor net cleaning and     (read more)

A body was recovered from the Skagit River

(MOUNT VERNON)- According to a press release, Mount Vernon Police at approximately 9:30 a.m. Wednesday, responded to a call of a possible body floating near the east river bank just north of the State Route 536 Bridge. L Lieutenant Greg Booth said in the release that officers arrived and after making confirmation requested assistance from the Skagit County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit. Once on-scene, deputies attempted to reach the body but were unable to access the location with their boat, due to logs and debris in the water. The US Border Patrol Search and Rescue team was contacted, and     (read more)